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Calming Calligraphy Academy

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Hey Sista, is Calming Calligraphy Academy right for you?

Reduce Stress

Are you always feeling drained at the end of your shift, but too wired to get the rest you need? Has Covid put your work stress OVER THE TOP? Why not consider giving calligraphy a try?

Become Part of a Community

Connect with other women and feel supported to give yourself the care that you unconditionally give to others. It's time to give a little Care to the Caregiver.

Gain Confidence

Once you have mastered the building blocks of calligraphy, otherwise known as the basic strokes, you'll be well on your way to making some beautiful creations. You'll be writing the day's assignments on the whiteboard in NO TIME!

Calligraphy combines the elements of mindfulness; helping with stress reduction and combating feelings of overwhelm & wraps it up in a pretty package.

"Calligraphy can combat anxiety, improve wellbeing and boost self-esteem."

- a study from University College London

Becoming a Founding Member has its perks!

What Nurses Are Saying ... 

As a beginner in the calligraphy world, I love how Angie's tutorials are geared to all levels. Her calm and consistent teaching style helps ease even a novice like me into the world of "calming" calligraphy.

- Dawn Mladen, RN

I had one initial calligraphy lesson with Angie. Her teaching style was simple and easy to follow. I find it relaxing to practice my calligraphy and have noticed an improvement in my skills. 

- Loraine Coakley, RN

When I was studying theory in my nurse practitioner graduate program, the theory that resonated to most with me was that of self-care and healing. No one can truly and wholly care for or show up for another unless they themselves have refueled their soul. As a fellow nurse, Angie, you exemplify this concept. 

- Stephy Jackson, NP

Types of Projects

About the Instructor

Hi, I'm Angie!

Once upon a time, I was a stressed-out nurse just like you.

Now, although I still have the pressure of my nursing job to deal with, I have found a way to relieve some of the day-to-day stress.

When I remembered the calming effects calligraphy brought to my life when I was an overactive kid, I thought it would be a great idea to start practicing again, because, you know, COVID! And guess what? It worked!

After discovering Calligraphy as a Mindfulness tool, I now teach other women to experience focus & calm through Calligraphy.

Gain Access for Just $20 per month

As a Founding Member your price will remain the same, even as the membership prices increase, so don't delay! JOIN BY MAY 7!
An incredible value for less than the price of a latte a week!

Onboarding Toolkit

In order to set you up for success, you get immediate access to the Fabulous Faux Calligraphy Course as soon as you join! You'll also receive a list of my go-to supplies I cannot live without!

Value $20

Monthly Calligraphy/Lettering Projects

A fun, easy to follow, project/month with step-by-step, video instructions. You'll get Lifetime Access to ALL the videos! You'll have On-Demand viewing so you can create anytime the urge strikes you.

We'll use a variety of easily accessible media types for our creations. You can keep your creations for yourself, or even give them as gifts.

Value $30

Monthly Lettering Traceable!

A New Lettering Traceable PDF each month that you can download and use as often as you'd like! 

Formatted for Pointed Pen, Faux & Brush Pen Calligraphey

Value $5

Intention Setting

We will set monthly intentions/ affirmations in order to shed limiting beliefs, cultivate your calm, creative, confident mindset. We will learn to honor our creative self care.

Your Daily Dose

You'll get access to a library of 10-minute calligraphy videos [to pick and choose as you like] to provide you with accountability, to help you progress, and to guide your daily mindfulness practice. *to be used QD or PRN.

Private Facebook Group!

Get access to a group of like-minded individuals who are finally ready to take control of their creative self-care & put their needs first.


And Also, Live Q&As

Monthly Facebook LIVES where you can get your questions answered by me in real-time!

    Calming Calligraphy Academy

    Monthly Membership

    $20 (USD)

    per month *Founding Member

  • Faux Calligraphy Course ... $20

  • Monthly Project .................. $30

  • Monthly Traceable .............. $5

  • Monthly Intention Setting .... invaluable

  • Daily Dose Video Library .... invaluable

  • Private Facebook Group ..... invaluable

  • Live Q+As

  • First Month FREE

  • Yes! I want to join Monthly!

    Calming Calligraphy Academy

    Annual Membership

    $200 (USD)

    per year  *Founding Member

  • Faux Calligraphy Course ... $20

  • Monthly Project .................. $30

  • Monthly Traceable .............. $5

  • Monthly Intention Setting .... invaluable

  • Daily Dose Video Library .... invaluable

  • Private Facebook Group ..... invaluable

  • Live Q+As

  • First Month FREE- annual payment to renew June 2022

  • Additional 2 Months FREE

  • Yes! I want to save with Annual!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What if sign up for this and then realize it's not for me?

You can cancel anytime! The payments are charged monthly or yearly (depending on which plan you choose), recurring on the date you sign up.

Due to the nature of the digital content, we cannot offer refunds for the months that you have paid.

If you wish to cancel, you must do so before the next billing date (which is the same date each month.) Refunds are not possible once your payment processes.

+ How long does this last?

This is an ongoing monthly membership. Subscriptions consist of 1 monthly payment billed the first of every month, starting June 1. (Sign up now and you'll enjoy your first month free!)

+ Will I have access to the training once the month is over?

Yes. Once a module is in your library it stays there unless you cancel your membership.

+ What if my handwriting is messy?

Guess what? You don't need to have neat handwriting in order to practice calligraphy. As we learn calligraphy, we will practice the repetition of a set of basic strokes. We do this slowly & mindfully - in a very different way than we would be writing out a grocery list, for example. 

+ I want to do this but now is not a good time, can I sign up later?

Doors to CCA will be closing on May 1- don't miss out. 

+ Do I have to watch any of the lessons live?

Not at all! The lessons are recorded and available to you as long as you are a member. Watch the recordings as often as you'd like, whenever you like. The flexibility is there to fit in with your crazy schedule!

The only live component of the membership is the live Q&A every month, which will also be available as a recording if you're unable to attend.

+ What is the payment structure like?

We have both, a monthly plan at $20/month and a yearly plan at $200/year (2 months FREE!) Payment will start in June. If paying annually, you will pay now, and renewal will be in June 2022.

+ What does it mean to be a Founding Member?

As a Founding Member, you will help to shape this membership and build the Calming Calligraphy community. This is being built for you, stressed out women, looking for a way to relax and calm. As a special thank you, you'll be grandfathered in to these low Founding Member prices. When the Calming Calligraphy Academy is officially launched, the prices will be going up. As long as you remain a member in good standing, your price will forever stay at the lowest price.

+ Still have questions?

Shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Hear from some others ...

Angie is such a wonderful instructor. She's shown us all how using the pointed pen technique can be accessible, calming and fun! She taught me to embrace being a beginner and enjoy the process. Now I'm using Calligraphy on a regular basis and look forward to future opportunities. I highly recommend Angie.

- Jeannelle A. Benek

You know - I never realized how mindful calligraphy is until I started practicing with Angie. You can not do calligraphy without focusing, so it's extremely mindful and calming! The proof is in the practice!! Who knew?

- Lynn Peterson Glover

Taking Angie's Calming Calligraphy Course was one of the best investments I've made in myself. I've always thought Calligraphy was beautiful, but I never knew it was something I could learn how to do. Not only did Angie make it so easy to learn, but she also added that mindfulness piece that I need so much.

- Hannah Owen


Don't delay. Get in as a Founding Member when you join by May 7.

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